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These videos below will help familiarise you with the centre our people and how we work. There are also some post-procedure services we have on offer as well. Take your time and view the content below.

Walk through the MacMurray Centre

What’s the role of the Nurses?

What’s the role of the Dietitian?

What does our Psychologist do?

Admin Support Team

Post Weight-loss Services

Some helpful links

EXTERNAL ACCOMMODATION: We have accommodation at the No9 Hotel in Newmarket Manukau Road, Epsom in New Market. If you click this link here, you should obtain the best rate.

INTERNAL ACCOMMODATION: Please email us as this can be organised. We have private facilities in house with your own bathroom facilities.

We have three providers we use. One offers interest-free terms for a fixed period of time, the other is done via crown funding, and the third option offers one on one advice and can talk directly with you.
You can view and apply here (


For Gastric Balloons (pre-procedure) CLICK HERE for (post-procedure) CLICK HERE and for ESG
CLICK HERE. These groups have hundreds of kiwis just like you that can help you along your journey. You never know, sometimes you can buddy up and connect with someone who lives close to you.

LIFESTYLE PACKS: Weightless is designed for those that want more of a one on one post-procedure service. There are many options available and we have custom designed courses and help for any weight loss issues you may have. Many clients find this service helpful once their balloon is removed. CLICK HERE to view.

Clinic Information

We have members of our team who can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Russian and Korean

phone-icon(09) 550 1080

phone-icon(09) 550 1081

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

3 Macmurray Rd, Remuera, Auckland 1050